Christmasgreetings Johan & wilcie

On behalf of the whole team at Haiti we wish you and your family happy holidays and a prosperous and healthy 2018. We hope that we can also count on your support and prayer in the new year.


Your help is needed
Haiti has been hit hard by Hurricane Matthew. Especially in the south of Haiti, the damage is immense. Many people have seen their homes being devastated by the force of the hurricane and the flooding. Help is needed and Heart for Haiti is doing what it can within its abilities. Your gift for direct aid through food, drinking water and medical care makes this possible.

Heart for Haiti

Heart for Haiti is committed to helping Haiti’s poorest children. Our dream is to give them a future without poverty and that is possible at the children’s village ‘Bon Repos’. This village is located nearby Haiti’s capital city, Port-au-Prince. In the 1980s, the village was quite literally built from nothing by missionary Johan Smoorenburg. 

Almost 150 children live at Bon Repos in twelve apartments. About twelve children of different ages live in each apartment, where they are supervised by an ‘aunty.’ This means that the set-up is as close as possible to that of an ordinary family. These children are orphans or they are from families unable to care for them. In the village, they are given a roof over their heads and enough to eat. They can attend school and go to church and this enables them to build a stable future.’

Haiti faces worst food insecurity crisis since 2001


An increasing number of Haitians are at risk of being driven deeper into poverty and hunger as Haiti faces its worst food crisis in 15 years, the United Nations World Food Program said Tuesday.

The U.N. agency, which is launching an $84 million appeal to help stave off extreme malnutrition and deaths in an already fragile Haiti, is blaming the emerging crisis on the El Niño weather phenomenon. Already blamed for some of the worst drought conditions around the globe, the weather event has left some Haitian farmers facing up to 70 percent crop losses and has doubled the number of food insecure people in the country since September.



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